Live Betting

One wager that has grown in popularity recently is live betting. This is because of the fantastic range of sports that support live bets, plus the variety of wagers you can choose from. The best sportsbooks have fantastic live betting options where you can watch the action and bet at the same time. Here at Bet Station, we explain everything you need to know about in-play betting in the guide below.

Live betting is an interesting wager, as it encompasses many types of bets. In this live betting guide, we won’t go into too much detail about other bets, such as the moneyline, over under, and spread bet. If you would like to know more about them, check out the respective guides. Live betting is one of the most widely used wagers, thanks to its availability. Every single sportsbook has a dedicated section to live bets, some of which have fantastic graphics or live streams. This area is also where you can find useful information about the game, such as the match stats, previous team performances, and big events during the game.

If you were to sign up for one of the best sports betting sites, would you get any live bet promos? Sportsbooks can offer players unique odds and boosts for certain wagers as the game goes on. This can include quick-fire bets like the next goal scorer, a team to have a certain number of attempts before halftime, or one home run in an innings. Whatever the live bet is, it usually adds excitement to the game.

What is Live Betting?

Live betting is almost exactly what it sounds like. It’s where you can place wagers on sporting events as they take place. There is no definitive type of live bet; instead, it includes an enormous variety of wagers. You could bet on the result of the game, the next player to score a point, or even the over under score for each period. Of course, if you liked multiple bets, you could form a same game parlay. This is where you add multiple types of live bets into one. The benefit is you could win a lot more, but if one of your predictions fails, then you win nothing.

The popularity of live bets comes from never knowing what bets you will find across a multitude of sports. You could look at a tennis game and bet on a player to win the next set. If you were following the game, sometimes your prediction is worth its weight in gold. If you are watching a soccer match and see that a player is being aggressive in his tackles, you could bet on them to receive a caution from the referee or get sent off. This might not be a wager you would make before the game starts, but on the day it just seems likely.

That is one of the many benefits of live betting. You get to watch the game and bet based on how things are going. Let’s say you were watching the NBA Final and saw that Curry was popping off, then you could bet on him to score a certain number of points with more confidence than before the game began.

How Does Live Betting Work?

Live betting works just like any other type of bet. You browse the sport you want to bet on, look for a wager, and place your bet. Live betting can even include wagers you could have made before the game began. You could bet on the moneyline for a team to win during the game after seeing them take the lead. Sure, the returns you get would be lower than if you bet before the match. However, if your bet wins, then it’s easy money!

Live betting is not all sunshine and happiness, there are some negatives to be aware of. These types of wagers are risky. Any bet on a sportsbook is risky, but the reward usually balances the risk. For live bets, they adjust the odds on the fly, meaning a rewarding bet one minute is now a total disaster the next. An example could be in hockey, where a player scores two in quick succession, so you put a bet on him to score a third. This is when disaster strikes and he gets slammed into the boards, not to return for the rest of the game.

If you bet on the player before the game started, then your bet would also be in tatters. However, you might have been tempted to cash out for a tasty profit before it was too late. Sports betting is a risk at the best of times, none more so than during a game!

How to Make Live Sports Bets

Depending on the sportsbook you are using, placing a live bet has never been easier. Sportsbooks like FanDuel have a dedicated section for sporting events occurring at the same time you are browsing. This can include a variety of sports from around the world. There could be golf events, tennis matches, soccer games, and many more. Most of the best online sports betting sites have areas where you can watch the games live on your smartphone or PC. This will make live betting even easier, as you can bet and watch along.

If your sports betting site does not have a dedicated area just for live betting, what can you do? If there is a particular sport or match you want to bet on that has already begun, then you can find it normally. For the NFL, NBA, or MLB, you should be able to use the relevant tab in any sportsbook. After you found the game, you can click it and browse the various offerings. This can include special bets with boosted odds. The sportsbook could offer bets for the next player to score, the final score line, or a team to be leading at halftime.

Once you have chosen a bet, they will add it to your bet slip. This is where any last changes and tweaks can occur. Not only can you adjust your stake, but the sportsbook can change the odds. They can decide to decrease the odds, reducing your payout. Or, if you are lucky, then can increase the odds. The only way to lock in the odds offered is to place the bet. Once you have officially made the bet, you can’t change anything. You can either cash out or wait for the conclusion of your bet.

How do you Win Live Bets?

One question we would all like to know the answer to is how do you win live bets? Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact answer. However, we have some tips that should help you save money and maybe even win a few bets!

  • Do the math: When you go to place a bet, look at the returns and decide if it’s worth it. If you are risking $100 on a bet that returns $10 in profit, then it’s probably not worth it. Some of you might think that is a free $10, others will know that the risk of losing $100 is probably not worth gaining ten.
  • How much do you stake? As with any bet, deciding how much to stake is no straightforward task. Obviously, the more you will risk, the better your rewards will be, but the proportions stay the same. If you can make $100 from $10, then you made a good bet. Sure, the same bet will get you $1,000, but are you willing to lose that much? Each player will differ, so it’s up to you to control your spending.
  • Look around: The temptation with sports betting is to click the first bet you see before they change the odds. Doing this might secure better odds, but it often leads you to a load of duds. Think about it, if every bet the sportsbook recommended was a winner, how could people lose? Instead, you are far better off looking around for a better deal before you place your bet.

Live Betting Examples

Live betting is popular thanks to its wide variety of wagers. Below we have listed a few examples across several sports to give you an idea of what to expect when looking at live bets. While we would love to list every type of example, it’s unlikely you would want to read it. If you are unsure about anything, be sure to check out the how-to guides for more information.

Live Sports Betting Football

If you are a football fan, there are plenty of bets to enjoy during any NFL game. Live betting on football games is incredibly popular. You can bet on the final scoreline, the score at halftime, or the next team to score a touchdown. You can also make a variety of over under bets, such as both teams scoring two touchdowns or the home team scoring ten or more points in the first half. If you thought a star player was going to have a good game, you could bet on them to score a certain number of points across the entire game.

Live Betting MLB

Live baseball betting is just as exciting as football. They also have a range of bets for you to consider, including the race to a certain number of runs. During any baseball game, you can bet on a team to reach a certain number of points first. Some sportsbooks offer a race to three, five, or seven runs across all innings. Sportsbooks can also offer you bets for the winner of each inning or the next player to hit a home run. FanDuel even gives you the option to bet on the number of hits versus runs, and whether the total runs scored by both teams will be odd or even.

Live Bets in the NBA

NBA live betting is like the MLB, as they both have bets where teams race to score a certain number of points. Depending on how early you were to bet on the event after it started, you could have the first team to score a point, the first to get a three-pointer, or the first to reach 20, 50, or 100 points. You can bet on individual performances. For example, a player to get a certain three or more three-pointers, someone to get two or more assists, or the total points scored in each period.

Hockey Live Bets

Although there are many sports that support live betting, we will only give you one more example. Hockey is another fantastic sport for live betting. Not only can you bet on team performances, but you can bet on individual accolades as well. You could bet on a player to score a certain number of goals, assists, or points across each period. You could also wager on the combined score for each period or whether the score will be odd or even. Hockey is a brilliant sport to watch no matter what, but add in some short, snappy, and often well-paying wagers and each game just gets infinitely more exciting.

Live Sports Betting Odds

Live betting odds are probably the most difficult to get right from a timing point of view. The odds themselves work just like any normal type of wager. If you see -125, then for every $100 you wager you could win $80 in profit. If the bet was +120, then the same stake would net you $120 in profit.

So, why does this get more difficult with live bets? If you visit any online sportsbook, you will often see green and red effects placed over the numbers. Green usually means the sportsbook just improved the odds, making the bet more rewarding. Red typically means they just reduced the odds, meaning the bet will pay less now than it would a minute ago. For live bets, these changes happen on the fly. One minute a bet was -110, the next it could be -150.

Live bets require more than just luck to be a good bet. They depend on timing, as the later you decide to bet, the less you might win. However, we don’t recommend rushing off and placing bets without thinking. Many external factors affect the live odds throughout the game. We recommend that if you feel you missed your chance or if you are unsure, then don’t bet. Adding the element of time pressure to your bets will only cause you to get it wrong more often.

When Should you Place Live Bets?

One of the most challenging parts of sports betting is deciding when to bet. Below are a few tips to follow while browsing any sportsbooks. You don’t have to follow our tips, and they might not help you win every time, but they should help cut unnecessary losses.

  • Are you watching along? If you are browsing the sports betting site while you’re bored and see a live bet you could place, should you bet on it? The odds of you getting a sports bet right are high as it is. Picking random in-play bets is not wise. If you are watching along and feel you know who will score next, then go for it. Picking at random is not worth the risk.
  • Right or wrong: With sports betting, the prediction you make will either be right, or your bet will fail. It helps to think like this before you decide how much to stake. If you see good odds, place a large bet and then watch the game. You might find what you bet on does not match what’s going on. The sportsbook could offer good returns on a comeback from the underdog. Yet, when you tune in, you see the underdogs have no way back into the game.
  • Steady yourself: It’s easy to see a tasty-looking bet, go to add it, and then it decreases in value. This will either make you reconsider or rush to add it before it drops anymore. We can’t say with certainty that it’s worth pursuing or bailing. Instead, just take a minute to think before you confirm. We are sorry if you win less, but you’re welcome if you save a couple of bucks!

Why Make Live Sports Bets?

Why do so many players enjoy making live sports bets? There is no one reason why anyone does anything in sports betting. However, live betting is one way people gain additional excitement from a game week. Most sports fans think they know more than the coach, so it only makes sense that they put their money where their mouths are.

If you look at the DraftKings Sportsbook, they have useful stats and facts about the game in progress. This includes past performances, current match stats, and even which way your fellow bettors are leaning. Other sportsbooks, like FanDuel, have a more visual representation of the action, including live streams for certain games. Both sportsbooks provide you with a lot of info surrounding an in-play bet. You just have to look.

One important aspect to consider when placing a live bet is players rarely want to wait until the end. If you missed the start of the game, it doesn’t always make sense to bet on the outcome. It could be more enjoyable to bet on minor events that take place in a match. You could bet on a team to win a certain inning, period, or to take a lead into halftime. Whatever bet you are looking at, it would be great to walk away with the winnings before the end!

What are the Best Sportsbooks for Live Betting?

Live betting is incredibly popular across America thanks to the additional excitement it brings to a standard game or game week. If you are like us, then you will want to know what the best sportsbooks for live betting are. Well, we here at Bet Station have gone through every sports betting site to find you the very best.

BetMGM Sportsbook Live Betting

BetMGM Sportsbook is a fantastic choice for live betting. That is because of its range of excellent features. Not only can you find a mixture of bets for every sporting event, but they have helpful graphics, too. BetMGM has a delightful animated window where you can watch your favorite sporting event as it takes place. This window updates regularly and is full of fantastic match stats and figures.

Live Betting at the FanDuel Sportsbook

The FanDuel Sportsbook is another brilliant option for live betting. It also has an incredibly detailed window where you can find a representation of the game in real-time. The window has important information about players, positions, the direction of attack, and who has possession while you watch. Plus, you change the screen for a vital breakdown of each side’s performance in every period. FanDuel is also excellent for its humongous range of bets. It is up there with the very best sportsbooks in America with its superb choice. If you would like to know more, check out the FanDuel review.

DraftKings Sportsbook Live Betting

The DraftKings Sportsbook is less focused on fancy graphics when compared to the other sports betting sites. It has two sections, one for the live odds and the other for the match stats. The odds are where you can find the most popular in-play bets, plus the spreads, moneylines, over unders, and prop bets. The stats include a preview of the game, plus each team’s records and some facts. DraftKings also has the match stats and a useful area showing you betting trends. DraftKings might not have the cool graphics, but it has just about everything else!

In-Play Betting at WynnBET Sportsbook

The WynnBET Sportsbook has a fantastic live sports betting section. It has some high-quality graphics plus an incredible amount of information. If you were to watch tennis, you could see the direction of service, and they highlight each half during the rally. It’s not quite the same as watching it live, but it is surprising how enjoyable it is to look at! WynnBET also has match stats and a tremendous variety of wagers to consider. Almost every in-play wager has a cash-out feature for you to withdraw your winnings early.

Caesars Sportsbook Live

Caesars Sportsbook has a graphic like most other sports betting sites. It’s a top-down, 2D representation, but it still has a good level of detail. The window also has a section full of match stats, where you can see each period. Plus, they have an event section for you to recap the game. Caesars has a wonderful selection of bets, just not as much as the ones listed above.

Live Betting Summary

Live betting is a fantastic way to make some money even after you have missed the start of a game. It’s an opportunity to bet on smaller parts of the game, giving you a reason to cheer in each period. All major sports, such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, support live betting. Plus, most sports betting sites allow you to cash out your bets.

In-play betting is a suitable option for everyday betting, plus big events like the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup Final. It was also a good choice in the NBA Finals as a lot of players scored well, making them outstanding candidates for live bets. Whatever you decide to bet on, make sure you gamble responsibly. Remember to make use of deposit limits, time-outs, and various other restrictions to help you stay in control of your spending.