Best New York Sports Betting Sites

Want to know what the best New York sports betting sites are? Here at Bet station we have taken the time to find you the very best online sportsbooks and sports betting apps. Below you will find everything you need to know about the best New York sports betting sites and important information on placing a wager.

However, what makes one sportsbook better than another? There are many similarities between the best NY sports betting sites. Some sportsbooks regularly introduce new and exciting promotions for you to take advantage of, others have a more robust selection of sports to bet on. Each sport betting site might look similar at first glance, but once you sign up, you’ll notice how different they really are.

If you are looking for the best New York sports betting sites, then you are in luck. Below you will find out everything you need to know about the NY sportsbook scene. Whether you are a seasoned pro looking for the best sportsbook app, or a new player testing the waters, we have the perfect sports betting sites for you.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in New York

To sign up to the best New York sports betting sites, you need to be over the age of 21 and currently located in New York. When you sign up, you will find that some of the sportsbooks recommended below have additional features for you to enjoy. These features can include a variety of fantasy sports to try your luck at or a host of exciting casino games. Each sportsbook has a unique welcome bonus to help new players get started, and to ensure whichever online sports betting site you choose it’s the right one for you!

Click to Claim
$2,000 Total Bonus Offer
  • Two Risk-Free Bets worth up to $2000
  • Two Parlay Boosters Every Day
  • Early Payout Bonus for Premier League Games
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

$1,500 Total Bonus Offer
  • $1000 Risk Free Bet
  • Refer a Friend for up to $500
  • 100% Deposit Match for FanDuel Racing
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

$1,000 Total Bonus Offer
  • New Player $1000 Risk-Free Bet
  • Refer a Friend for $50
  • Earn MGM Rewards
  • One Game Parlays and Edit Your Bet
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

$1,100 Total Bonus Offer
  • New Player $1000 Welcome Bonus
  • Refer a Friend for $100
  • Claim $100 in Casino Credit
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

$1,200 Total Bonus Offer
  • New Players get $1000 Risk-Free Bet
  • Bet $10 and get $200 in Free Bets
  • Win or Lose $50 to get a $10 Free Bet
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

If you are new to online sports betting, then you might want to read up on each sportsbook before you sign up. While all the sites mentioned above are legal in New York, some have support across multiple states and others do not. Currently, there are nine sportsbooks registered for mobile sports wagering in New York. These companies will launch their mobile service in 2022, with the majority having already launched this January. Seven mobile sports wagering sites have launched, leaving two to enter the market at some point this year. They are Resorts World Bet and Bally Bet. You can find details about their betting service below, plus all the sportsbooks available to join right now.

FanDuel New York

The FanDuel Sportsbook is live in New York, which is great news as FanDuel is one of the most reliable and popular sports betting sites in America. What makes a service like FanDuel more appealing than other online NY sportsbooks is the fantasy sports aspect. There is a fantastic range of fantasy sports options at FanDuel for anyone to try their hand at, and they can be a lot of fun! If you are not interested in fantasy sports, that is not a problem. The two services are completely separate and yet equally entertaining.

BetMGM Sportsbook New York

The BetMGM Sportsbook launched in New York on January 17, 2022. This means some form of BetMGM is available for around 23 US States, with Illinois the next one this year. The BetMGM Sportsbook offers a fantastic selection of sports for you to bet on. It follows various sports throughout the year, offering unique bonuses and promotions for certain PGA Tour events, big matches like the Super Bowl, and exclusive deals for fight nights.

DraftKings New York

In case you didn’t know, DraftKings is one of the most popular sportsbooks in America. Its popularity is because of several reasons, most notably the fantasy sports selection. There are 15 licensed fantasy sports operators in New York, and arguably, DraftKings offers the best service. They have a fantastic selection of fantasy sports and real sports to place wagers on. They also have the DraftKings Marketplace, where you can browse and purchase sports-related NFTs.

WynnBET Sportsbook

The WynnBET Sportsbook is the official sportsbook to the hotel and entertainment conglomerate Wynn Resorts. If you have been to Las Vegas, you might have seen some of their world-famous hotels, the Encore and the Wynn. Even if you have not seen these magnificent buildings in person, the Wynn brand is all about providing high-quality fun to its players, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at WynnBET. The sportsbook is full of all the major sports, plus a variety of special bonuses and promotions.

One of the best New York sports betting sites is BetRivers. Here is a screenshot of the sportsbook

BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers is a part of a famous casino chain that you can visit in multiple states across America. The Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady is a brick-and-mortar casino near Albany, New York. The online sportsbook has a wide variety of sports and regularly introduces new and exciting promotions. Its physical sportsbook in the casino is a large area with comfy seats, giant TVs, and 24/7 action.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is one of the most popular in New York because of its multiple physical locations. You can visit the Point Place Casino, Turning Stone Casino, or Yellow Brick Road Casino to place a wager at any of the sportsbooks. If you would prefer to keep things online, the Caesars Sportsbook app or website is as well-equipped as the casino counterpart. Both allow you to wager on a huge number of sports, take advantage of some high-quality promotions, and have an all-round good time!

PointsBet Sportsbook

The PointsBet Sportsbook launched in New York on January 25, 2022. It is one of the newest sportsbooks in New York, and it currently has one of the best promotions. If you are unaware, PointsBet is famous for its unique type of wager, PointsBetting. This is where you place a bet on something like the scoreline, and the more right you are, the more you could win. So, if you bet on the total points scored in the Super Bowl to be 40 or more, for each point above 40, you win more money.

Resorts World Bet

Resorts World Bet is a casino chain that is launching a mobile sports betting service in 2022. There are two casinos in New York that are a part of the Resorts World chain, Resorts World Catskills and Resorts World New York City Casino. Both establishments have a wide range of casino games and entertainment for you to enjoy, and they will soon have an online sportsbook service to boot. Who knows how good the promotions will be, so watch this space!

Bally Bet

If you are a fan of Las Vegas or iconic casinos, then you might have heard of Bally’s. Bally’s Corporation is a casino, hotel, and entertainment company with 14 casinos across the USA. Currently, their online sports betting service is up and running in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, and Virginia. While they only support five states at the moment, we can expect them to launch in New York this year. It’s too early to say exactly what service New York will get from Bally, it certainly will be up there with the best New York sports betting sites.

Best NY Sports Betting Apps

The best New York sports betting sites usually have state-of-the-art mobile apps to help take sports betting on the go. These mobile sportsbooks can vary in functionality, with some offering support in multiple states, and others with standalone versions for different regions. Whichever NY sports betting app you are looking for, find it and more on the list below.

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino

The logo for the FanDuel Sportsbook app

The FanDuel Sportsbook and Casino is a fan-favorite for both iOS and Android users. The app has high-quality graphics, generous promotions, plus a vast range of sports to bet on from across the world. FanDuel is one of the leading sports betting apps in America, which means they are on the front foot. They come out with fantastic promotions for any major sporting event, like the Super Bowl, and they offer odds boosts and risk-free bets throughout the week. You only need to download one FanDuel app to place bets in NY, NJ, PA, AZ, CT, CO, IL, IA, MI, LA, TN, VA, and WV. You will, however, need to download a separate app to enjoy the fantasy sports features.

Caesars Sportsbook

The Caesars Sportsbook app logo featuring a golden goblet

Caesars Sportsbook is an immensely popular sport betting app in New York. This popularity is partially due to providing an unbeatable service in-person and online. Three casinos in NY have lounges provided by Caesar himself. Plus the mobile app, which supports both iOS and Android users, also allows you to earn Caesars Rewards points. So, not only can you win big thanks to the mobile sports betting features, but you can also earn points for luxury getaways to the famous Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Once again, you only need to download one app as it supports players from AZ, CO, IN, IA, LA, MI, NJ, NY, TN, VA, and WV.

DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino

One of the best New York sports betting sites is DraftKings. Here is their mobile logo for the sportsbook

The DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino is another that is up there with the best New York sports betting sites. Plus, the app is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers support in multiple US states, including AZ, CO, CT, IA, IL, IN, MI, NJ, NY, NH, OR, PA, TN, VA, WY, or WV. If you want to enjoy the DraftKings Fantasy Sports features, you will need to download the separate app from both the App Store and Google Play. The DraftKings mobile sports betting app also allows you to browse and collect sports-related NFTs.

WynnBET: NY Sportsbook

The WynnBET sportsbook app logo

The WynnBET NY Sportsbook is one of the latest sports betting apps to launch in New York. It is available on both Android and iOS devices, but you will need a separate app if you travel between states. The eight other WynnBET apps include LA, AZ, TN, IN, VA, MI, CO, and NJ. The WynnBET sportsbook is famous for the Build Your Own Bet feature. This is where you can pick multiple bets from the same game to create a well-paying parlay. Plus, you can earn rewards points using the app which you can redeem at any Wynn Resort.

PointsBet Sportsbook

One of the best New York sports betting sites is PointsBet

The PointsBet Sportsbook app is available for both Android and iOS devices across multiple states. You can use this app in CO, IL, IN, NJ, NY, MI, IA, VA, or WV. The PointsBet app is famous for its unique betting type and a wide range of exciting promotions. The promotions include daily parlay boosts, a $100 free bet when you refer a friend, and the ability to create your own bet. Perhaps the biggest selling point of the PointBet app is the PointsBetting feature. This is where you can place a wager on the scoreline and the more right you are with your prediction the more you can win!

  • BetRivers – iOS and Android
  • BetMGM – iOS and Android
  • Resorts World Bet – Coming soon
  • Bally Bet – Coming Soon

How to Make a Bet on a NY Sportsbook

If you are new to online sports betting, you might be unsure on how to place a bet. Well, fear not! As we detail everything you need to know in a few easy-to-remember steps. The first step is to get accustomed to what a sportsbook looks like. On the left, you will usually find a list of all the various sports you can bet on. In the middle is where they will display sports and the various odds, if you were to place a wager. Lastly, on the right side, they have the bet slip where they will show you what wagers you have selected.

Now that you know what you are looking at, you can find the sport you want to wager on. Whether it’s the NFL, NHL, or NBA, all the best New York sports betting sites have a vast range of sports to choose from. Once you have selected the sport you want, you will probably see a list of games and three types of wagers. These three wagers are usually a spread, moneyline, and over/under bet. You can find precise details about each type of bet in the sections below, but these are the three most common.

If you wanted to place a different bet on the game, or just wanted to see what other wagers the sportsbook offers, then click on the icon on the right. Usually, next to the game you can bet on, there is a small box or number. This number varies depending on the total number of different wagers you can place at this sporting event.

A screenshot of the WynnBET sportsbook, one of the best New York sport betitng sites

What’s the Best New York Sports Bet to Place?

The golden rule of sports betting is to remember the more likely an event is to happen, the less you get paid. For example, the Rams were the favorite to win the Super Bowl, and the bookies had the Rams to win by four points or more. This means, if you wagered on this spread, you would need the Rams to win by four or more points. The Rams won the game, but only by three, so you would have lost the bet.

Now, with hindsight, you could say why not just use the moneyline bet and wager on the Rams to win, regardless of the score. Well, if you had done that, you would have won! However, they would offer you significantly lower odds for a moneyline bet than a spread, so you can see where the problem arises from. Is there any point in placing a wager if you win such a small amount?

While we can’t possibly give you advice on every situation and every betting type, we can say that you need to find your median. Each of us has a different internal level of where we feel comfortable. Some might say it’s pointless to put down a bet if you only win $5, others will argue it’s $5 they didn’t have before. The important thing is you bet within your means and don’t start chasing losses. If you have any issues or would like someone to talk to, please reach out to 1-800-GAMBLER.

What Sports Bets Can you Make in New York?

The best New York sports betting sites have a selection of wagers you can place. These wagers are often quite similar, for example, both relying on the outcome of a game. Or, the wagers can have nothing to do with the result of one game, such as a proposition bet or most types of futures. Whatever bet you want to place, below you will find everything you need to know.


Arguably, the most straightforward of all bets is the moneyline. This wager is when you predict one team will win a game. You can also place a moneyline bet if the game will be a draw for certain sports, like soccer. This type of wager can have good odds for the underdog, but usually has mediocre returns for the favorite. For example, the Toronto Maple Leafs moneyline bet is 1/2 against the Columbus Blue Jackets. This means they are the favorite and a $100 bet will give you $150 returns (your original stake plus $50 profit).

Spread Betting

This type of wager involves the sportsbook using a handicap system to bridge the gap between the underdog and the favorite. Looking at the college football game between Central Michigan and Ohio, the odds for Ohio to win are -17.5. This means they are the more likely team to win, and for your bet to win, they need to beat Michigan by 18 or more points. You can’t score half points in basketball, which means this bet cannot be a draw. If you bet on Michigan, they need to win or not lose by 18.


The over/under bet involves predicting the total number of points scored in a match. There are two versions of this bet; they can either have decimals or whole numbers. The decimals prevent a draw, which results in a push. So, looking at the Maple Leafs against the Blue Jackets, the over score is 6.5. Meaning you require seven or more goals in total to win the bet. Anything less than seven would see the bet go the other way.

A screenshot of the DraftKings sportsbook with nothing in the betslip

Propositions Bets

Props or proposition bets are a unique type of wager that is not dependent on the scoreline. Any of the bets mentioned above require the scoreline to finish in a certain way for a bet to become a winner. With props, you are betting on anything, such as who scored the first goal in the game, the number of penalty minutes, and even the duration of the national anthem.


The best way to think of a parlay is a series of single bets. The reason a parlay is a better option than making a series of single bets is the increased returns. When you select a series of bets, the likelihood you are correct across all of them decreases the more you pick, which increases your payout. However, if you are wrong when you place single bets, you only lose one wager. In a parlay, if any bet you made does not come true, then you do not win. Parlays can combine multiple sports or multiple events from the same sport. It’s up to you!


While all bets need to be made before the event happens, one type of bet takes this a step further; futures. This wager involves placing a bet on something to happen way before the event will take place. You could place a bet on the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup, the Rams to win the next Super Bowl, or the Heat to make it to the playoffs.

Best New York Sportsbook Promotions

The best New York sports betting sites all offer fantastic promotions throughout the year. These promotions come in various shapes and sizes, some more rewarding than others. Most sportsbooks offer players a welcome bonus, which is usually a free bet or risk-free bet once you sign up and make a deposit. The very best sportsbooks in New York will also give bonuses to existing players, such as an odds boost. Below are just some examples of the promotions you can claim for the best New York sports betting sites.

FanDuel Sportsbook NY Promo

The FanDuel Sportsbook is fantastic for its promotions and bonuses. All across America, new and existing players can make use of a variety of promotions across multiple sports. Currently, there are several FanDuel promotions, which you can see below.

  • Risk-Free $1,000 bet
  • Refer-A-Friend for $50
  • Same Game Parlay and Same Game Parlay +
  • 100% Deposit Match up to $50 and $10 Sportsbook credit when you sign up to FanDuel Racing
  • Play Over/Under for your chance to win $5,000 in weekly prizes

BetMGM Sportsbook NY Promo

BetMGM certainly brought some of the magic of Vegas to its online sportsbook with various exciting promotions. The major benefit to joining BetMGM is certainly the MGM rewards you can earn, but that’s not all. The sportsbook has a variety of bonuses you can enjoy as soon as you sign up.

  • The welcome bonus includes a $1,000 risk-free bet
  • Refer a friend for a $50 bonus
  • Edit My Bet and Cash Out
  • One Game Parlays on football and soccer games
A screenshot of one of the best New York sports betting sites, BetMGM. The screenshot shows the various promotions available at the sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook NY Promo

Draftkings has a sportsbook, fantasy sports, and a variety of casino games for you to enjoy, depending on your state. While you might not play casino games in New York, you certainly can claim some of these fantastic promotions.

  • Get a 20% deposit match up to $1,000
  • Refer a friend for a $100 free bet
  • Daily free to play Pools

Caesars Sportsbook NY Promo

Caesars Sportsbook is another magnificent site to join if you want to earn rewards, such as a luxury night stay in Las Vegas. If you have any experience with resorts run by Caesars, then you will know it’s a well-run and luxurious stay. That is certainly the case for the promotions at the sportsbook.

  • Bet $20 on any event and claim $300 in free bets
  • Refer a friend for a $100 free bet
  • Bet $50 on select days for a $250 Uber Eats Voucher
  • Caesars Profit Boosts
  • Cover Cash Wednesdays

BetRivers Sportsbook NY Promo

BetRivers is famous for its high-quality casinos, something they have captured with their sportsbook promotions. The BetRivers Sportsbook is regularly updated with fantastic promotions for both new and existing customers.

  • Get a 100% deposit match worth $250
  • Bet $25 on a three-leg NCAAM parlay and claim a $10 free bet
  • Profit boosts and odd boosts throughout the week
  • iRush rewards program

Who are the Best Teams in New York?

If you live in the state of New York or in the metropolis of New York City, then you have a great choice of professional sports teams to support. There are 11 top-level teams across multiple leagues in the New York area, including the Yankees, Mets, and the Knicks. Some of these teams have a long and rich history, while others are still finding their feet at the top level.

You might wonder why it matters if a state has several teams. The more competition there is in the state, the more sportsbooks will try to take advantage of the situation by sponsoring a team. Often, the best New York sports betting sites will team up with the best teams to provide you with exciting promotions. So, keep an eye on the teams listed below for future bonuses.

New York YankeesMLB190127Bronx, New York
New York MetsMLB19622Queens, New York
New York GiantsNFL19258East Rutherford, New Jersey
New York JetsNFL19601East Rutherford, New Jersey
New York RangersNHL19264Manhattan, New York
New York IslandersNHL19724Elmont, New York
New Jersey DevilsNHL19743Newark, New Jersey
New York KnicksNBA19462Manhattan, New York
Brooklyn NetsNBA19672Brooklyn, New York
New York Red BullsMLS19950Harrison, New Jersey
New York City FCMLS20131Bronx, New York

Is Sports Betting Legal in NY?

Wagering on sporting events has been legal in New York since mid-2019. This is where you could visit a select few casinos and place a wager on a sport in person. Mobile and online functionality has only recently come into effect, with the official launch date on January 8th, 2022.

The legal age to take part in NY sports betting is 21, and you must be located inside the state of New York when placing your wager. These are the same rules you will find across many states in America, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. We won’t go into exactly what this law did, but it banned sports betting across the USA except in a few states. They deemed this unconstitutional and states could regulate their sports betting services in 2018.

The New York Gaming Commission regulates all horse racing, casino games, and sports betting for the entire state. For information about the latest rule changes and the most recent companies approved to operate in the state, check out the government website.

Can you Place Sports Bets Online from a Different State?

A diagram showing where it is legal to partake in sports betting

No. While each US state might have different rules and regulations, one thing remains unanimous; you can’t place a wager outside of state lines. Some of the best sportsbooks do support players from multiple states, however, this is usually reflected with a different app or website. This means if you join one of the best New York sports betting sites, then leave the state to place a wager, the sportsbook won’t take your bet.

Each sports betting site uses software to trace and identify where you are playing from. If they can trace your IP address to be within state lines, then you have nothing to fear and can play normally. If your address shows an unfamiliar area, the sportsbook can withhold your winnings or refuse your bet. Do not find a workaround as you are breaking the law and could face serious punishment.

If you are desperate to place a wager, then reconsider your playing habits. If you need help to quit or would like someone to talk to, try reaching out to 1-800-GAMBLER.

Where to Watch Live Sports in New York

New York is a huge state, so there is an abundance of casinos and sports bars to watch live sports. However, where can you watch the best live sport and place a legal sports wager? Well, we here at Bet station only want to recommend the best. Below you will find a list of New York casinos with a sportsbook.

Tioga Downs Casino Resort

The Tioga Downs Casino and Resort logo, one of the best sport betting establishments in New York

The Tioga Downs resort is located close to the border between New York state and Pennsylvania. The casino has around 1,000 slots to enjoy, 28 table games, and a poker room with six dedicated tables. If you like dedicated rooms, the high limit area has 34 slot machines and four blackjack tables for any big spenders. The sportsbook is provided by FanDuel and it has everything you would expect. Eight betting kiosks, 27 large HDTVs, and luxurious seating for over 50 people for any live games.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 11 AM – 11 PM, Sat: 10 AM – 12 AM, Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Location: 2384 W River Rd, Nichols, NY 13812, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, table games, slots, racetrack, poker room, spa, live shows, pool, arcade, gym, golf
  • Mobile App: FanDuel

Point Place Casino

The logo for the Point Place Casino

The Point Place Casino has around 500 exciting slot machines and 20 dedicated table games for you to enjoy. Their sportsbook, provided by Caesars, is a state-of-the-art space to watch any live sports. The 24ft tall wall of TVs plus 30 LED screens dotted around the room means you will never miss a moment.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 12 PM – 10 PM, Sat-Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Location: 450 452, NY-31, Bridgeport, NY 13030, United States
  • Services: Slots, table games, sportsbook, live shows
  • Mobile App: Caesars Sportsbook

Turning Stone Casino

One of the best casinos in New York, the Turning Stone Casino

Turning Stone Casino is one of the best equipped in all of New York. With over 2,000 slots, 66 table games, and the largest poker room in the state, Turning Stone has it all. The poker room has 32 tables and is hosting various World Series of Poker events this year. The sportsbook is just as impressive, boasting a 500 square foot curved screen; you have to see it to believe it!

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 12 PM – 10 PM, Sat-Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Location: 5218 Patrick Rd, Verona, NY 13478, USA
  • Services: Golf, poker, sportsbook, table games, slots, bingo, live shows, tennis, racquetball, fishing, hunting, shops
  • Mobile App: Caesars Sportsbook

Yellow Brick Road Casino

One of the best establishments to place a sports bet is the Yellow Brick Road Casino

The Yellow Brick Road Casino has everything you could need for a great day out. It has over 400 slots, a wide selection of table games, a bowling alley, plus an area for virtual golf, soccer, and baseball. The sportsbook is provided by Caesars, meaning it is well-equipped and spacious. There are over 30 large TVs, dozens of comfy seats, and room for 200 people. There is not a bad seat in the house thanks to a 32ft wall covered in HDTVs.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 12 PM – 10 PM, Sat-Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Location: 800 W Genesee St, Chittenango, NY 13037, United States
  • Services: Virtual golf, bowling, live shows, bingo, slots, table games, sportsbook
  • Mobile App: Caesars Sportsbook

Del Lago Resort and Casino

The logo for the Del Lago Resort and Casino

There aren’t many casinos like the Del Lago Resort. With over 1,700 slots, 66 table games, and 14 dedicated poker tables, the Del Lago Resort has it all. The casino has some exciting names in the upcoming events, including Slash, Tracy Morgan, and Jay Leno. The on-site sportsbook is provided by DraftKings. It has 23 betting kiosks, dozens of humongous LED TVs, plus over 30 delicious beers on tap.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Sun-Thu: 8 AM – 2 AM, Fri-Sat: 8 AM – 4  AM
  • Location: 1133 NY-414, Waterloo, NY 13165, United States
  • Services: Live shows, spa, slots, table games, poker, sportsbook, shops
  • Mobile App: DraftKings

Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady

One of the best New York sports betting sites has an outstanding casino, the Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady

They stock all Rivers casinos with great casino games. The Rivers Casino and Resort Schenectady is no different. It has the latest slots, a variety of live tables, and over 20 Keno machines. They also run poker tournaments every week, as well as several video poker machines. The sportsbook includes an immense wall of screens, 14 betting kiosks, and comfy chairs with private booths.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: 24/7
  • Location: 1 Rush St, Schenectady, NY 12305, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, poker, slots, table games, video poker, keno, live shows
  • Mobile App: BetRivers

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino logo

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino is home to 1,150 slots, several Vegas-style table games, and a bingo hall. The sportsbook at the hotel features dozens of giant TVs, high-quality seats, plus a bar and grill restaurant.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Tues: Closed, Wed, Thu, and Sun: 9 AM – 1 AM, Fri-Sat: 9 AM – 3 AM
  • Location: 873 NY-37, Hogansburg, NY 13655, United States
  • Services: Slots, bingo, table games, sportsbook, live shows
  • Mobile App: No

Seneca Niagara Casino

The Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino Logo

Another casino filled with lots of slots and table games is the Seneca Niagara Casino. They have over 2,500 slots, 60 table games, and a high-quality sportsbook. There is no mobile app, but you can build your bet ahead of time and bring it to the casino.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: 24/7
  • Location: 310 4th St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, spa, salon, live shows, slots, table games, pool, shops
  • Mobile App: No

Seneca Allegany Casino

The logo for the Seneca Allegany Resort and Casino

The slightly smaller Seneca Allegany Casino has 1,600 slots and 30 live tables for you to enjoy. The casino has an excellent live venue for music and comedy performances plus a top-notch sportsbook.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: 24/7
  • Location: 777 Seneca Allegany Blvd, Salamanca, NY 14779, United States
  • Services: Slots, sportsbook, table games, live shows, spa, salon, pool, shops, gym
  • Mobile App: No

Seneca Buffalo Casino

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino logo

The smallest Seneca casino in New York with a sportsbook is the Seneca Buffalo Casino. It has 1,000 slots, 30 table games, and a great sports bar. The sportsbook is open 24/7 at kiosks and 10 am to 12 am for countertop service.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: 24/7
  • Location: 1 Fulton St, Buffalo, NY 14204, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, slots, table games
  • Mobile App: No

What are the Best New York Sports Betting Sites?

What are the best New York sports betting sites? Well, the best sports betting sites are the ones that suit your needs. If you like to travel a lot, then you would lean towards a mobile sportsbook that has support in multiple states. If you like placing bets in person and online, then there are a good few casinos that offer both services. Only you will know which New York sports betting site is right for you.

Given that mobile sports betting only became legal in New York at the start of 2022, only the big names are legal in the state. This means there has never been a better time to join a sports betting site, as they all will have a fantastic bonus to help you get started. Given how new the mobile sports betting scene is in New York, it might not be a bad idea to sign up for a couple of sites to make use of their current bonuses. Whichever site you decide to join, make sure you bet responsibly.

Enjoy a DraftKings Bonus
$520 Sign Up Bonus
  • College Football Picks
  • Get your deposit matched 20% up to $500
  • Enjoy $20 Free on your first deposit
  • Click Play Now to activate your bonus