Prop Betting

Do you want to know about prop betting? At Bet Station, we have created a complete guide explaining everything about proposition bets. If you are new to sports betting, you can place many types of wagers on a sportsbook. To help you identify the different bets available, we have created several betting guides for you to enjoy. Ensure you read the other guides available before making your first wager.

If you have joined one of the best sports betting sites listed at Bet Station, you would have seen the wagers available. The three most common wagers are the spread, over under, and moneyline. However, some bets are not available for every sport. That means you should examine the other wagers available to avoid missing out on some fantastic odds.

What can you expect when making proposition bets? Prop bets are one of the most exciting wagers available at a sportsbook. That is because they can payout before the game has concluded and they typically offer better odds than betting on the outright winner of an event. If you want to know more about props, then keep reading!

What are Prop Bets?

Propositions, or prop bets, are a unique type of wager that does not rely on the final score of a game. If you were to make a spread, over under, or moneyline bet, a team would either need to win or lose by a certain amount for your bet to win. A proposition bet is usually independent of the scoreline. This will vary on the sport you bet on, but you can win the bet even if the team you wager on loses the game.

The best way to think about prop bets is with an example. If you were to look at an average soccer game, there are usually a variety of wagers to place. Some of these involve predicting goal scorers, fouls, or yellow cards. These types of wagers are proposition bets. If you bet on Ronaldo to score twice inside the first half, it does not matter if his team wins or loses the game. You still get paid either way, as long as the bet comes true.

This example relates just to soccer, but the same applies to every other sport. If we stick with just the American classics, there are many proposition bets for each sport. Starting in the NHL, you could have the first goal scorer, the number of penalty minutes, and even the number of attempts at the net in a certain period. You’ll find similar bets for baseball, basketball, and football in every major sportsbook.

How do Proposition Bets Work?

Prop bets work just like any other sports-related wager. You place a bet on an outcome and you only receive winnings if your prediction comes true. The fundamental difference is you are betting on an event to occur during a game, rather than the winner of the contest. This may sound complex, but it’s straightforward and exciting.

The reason this type of wager is a popular choice amongst players is down to several factors. Perhaps the most important is the returns. Let’s take the Los Angeles Angels game at the Boston Red Sox, for example. At the FanDuel Sportsbook, the Angels have a moneyline of -142 to win the game. This return is not great, as your $10 would only win $7.04 in profit. Instead, let’s say you fancied Mike Trout to hit a home run. That would pay +295, even if the Angels lost. If you were feeling confident of Trout’s abilities, two home runs are up there for +2700. This would turn your $10 into $270 from one bet!

Hopefully, this would give you a good idea of what to expect from prop bets and why they are so popular. If you sign up for one of the best sports betting sites, they usually have a section where you can request a bet. This is where you can combine multiple props into one wager, leading to some incredible returns. An example is Trout, Taylor Ward, and Shohei Ohtani all hit one or more home runs for +6835.

How to make Prop Bets Online

We recommend new players place their bets before the start of the game. That is because it can take a long time to browse the various wagers offered on an online sportsbook. Plus the odds can change drastically while a contest takes place. We recommend doing all the betting ahead of time while you are a beginner.

If you want to know exactly how to place a proposition bet, you need to find it first. This is where you browse the sportsbook looking for the wager you want to bet on. This can include the first point scorer, the first person to be cautioned by the officials, or even one player to have a certain number of assists. The possibilities for prop bets are extraordinary. Depending on the sport you pick, you can bet on trivial aspects of a game that you usually take for granted. Going back to soccer, you can bet on the number of throw-ins, corners, and even the number of shots on target from individual players.

Prop bets are tricky to get right, which is what makes them so financially rewarding. Usually, to get good returns at a sportsbook, you can combine your wagers into a parlay or round-robin. This is where they link two or more of your wagers together to form a more valuable payslip. You can do the same with multiple prop bets on the same game, creating a same game parlay.

How to Win a Proposition bet

How do you win a proposition bet? We should let you know right now that there is no guaranteed way to win any sports bet. However, that does not mean you are on your own! Follow the tips below and you should cut your losses and maybe even win a bet or two along the way!

  • How likely is the prop? Depending on the sportsbook you join, they could offer you a prop with boosted odds. Say the sportsbook offered +1000 for Sidney Crosby to score and assist against the New York Rangers. If you know hockey, then you would know Crosby assists more often than scoring goals. Maybe this bet is worth a punt, or maybe there is one that is more likely to come true.
  • Adjust your stake: Some prop bets have much higher returns than you would expect. That means you can afford to stake less than usual and still win sizeable returns. Each player will have a different idea of what they are prepared to lose, but you can avoid heavy losses by reducing your stakes.
  • Compare and contrast: Prop bets require players to research various wagers before committing to a bet. It is important to look around before you settle on a bet to avoid making a wager you will regret later. Practice will help you become proficient at recognizing a good deal. For example, in soccer, they had +300 for one player to have two shots on target. However, they also had +1400 for the same wager, plus a couple of corners for each team.

Examples of the Best Prop Bets

We here at Bet Station want to make it as easy as possible for new players. That is why we have compiled a range of prop bet examples below, to help give you an idea of what to expect from a sportsbook. Whether you are a fan of baseball, hockey, football, or basketball, we have got you covered.

The Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Props are one of the most popular bets during the Super Bowl because of the various ways you can win. Although this may sound strange, many prop bets involve little to no skill, just a pinch of luck. By far the most popular proposition bet is the coin toss. This is where you can bet on the result of the toss done at the very start of the Super Bowl game. The result can either be heads or tails, giving you a 50/50 chance of winning the bet. They settle the bet before the game even begins, allowing you to enjoy the rest of the game with a smile; if you win!

NBA Prop Bets

The NBA is another extremely popular choice for prop bets, thanks to the high-scoring games and wide variety of choices. You can have prop bets on a player’s points scored during a game, if they assist, or the total number of rebounds. You can even bet on the number of blocks, free throws, and fouls conceded by certain players. They also have team prop bets, such as the first team to score a total number of points. Basketball is a fantastic sport for prop betting as there is a wonderful variety of wagers to place on every aspect of the game.

NFL Prop Bets

In case you missed the latest Super Bowl, there are plenty of prop bets to enjoy throughout any NFL season. You can enjoy prop bets for one player or the entire team. One example is the number of touchdowns thrown by a quarterback, and another could be the passing yards in one game. The choice of NFL prop bets is fantastic and they usually come with more rewarding odds than your typical moneyline or spread bet.

Best MLB Prop Bets

Just to recap, a prop bet does not rely on the result of a game. This means you can place bets before or even during a game, and get a payout before the game has concluded. In the MLB, there is a fantastic mix of proposition bets, but the most popular choice is on an individual’s performance. You can bet on a player to get a certain number of hits, the pitcher to give away some runs, or even players to hit home runs. You can also bet on the team’s performance. For example, a certain scoreline at the halfway point.

Fun NHL Prop Bets

The NHL is another excellent source for prop bets. Not just because you can make individual props on players and the entire team, but some sportsbooks offer yes or no questions. You can use these as inspiration to create a wager or you can bundle a few together to build a same game parlay. This can include whether a player scores a goal, gets an assist, and if the game will go into overtime. These wagers are usually very rewarding, as they combine multiple variables into one bet.

What are the odds of Proposition Bets?

Propositions bets typically have better odds than most straight bets. If you look at the moneyline bet, it usually has poor returns if you bet on the favorite. However, most prop bets can more than double your stake, even when you wager on an in-form player carrying on their win streak. This applies across multiple sports, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Looking at the NBA game between the Heat and the 76ers, the moneyline is only -144 and +122, respectively. Meaning a ten-dollar wager can either win you $6.94 or $12.20. However, if you were to look at a prop, say the first player to score a point, the lowest odds offered at FanDuel were +750 for Bam Adebayo. There are other types of prop bets with different returns, but this is a good example of how rewarding proposition bets can be.

The odds for each prop bet vary on the likelihood of the event. Some sportsbooks allow you to request a bet. This is where you can combine multiple props into one wager. You could bet on the Miami Heat to lead at halftime, score four three-pointers, and for Adebayo to score at least 20 points. Most sportsbooks give you complete control when requesting a wager like this, and they almost always have exceptional returns.

When to place a Prop Bet

It is never easy to decide what wager to place when sports betting. One type of wager may seem likely to occur, but there is no way of knowing until after the game. While we can’t help you win every prop bet, we can hopefully help you choose the right one and avoid losses.

  • Check the stats: No matter what bet the sportsbook offers, always check the stats. Sportsbooks like Betway usually have a section dedicated to the stats plus some figures around each player. This can help you decide whether the bet is worth placing. If it’s an NBA bet for a player to get several assists, and he is in fine form, then it sounds like a bet worth placing.
  • What are the odds? Most prop bets have odds that are better than your typical spread or moneyline. However, there will be wagers with ludicrous returns. The problem is, these wagers might tempt you into a bet you would not normally consider. Bets like these are unlikely and are probably not worth it. Just because you can place a bet doesn't mean you should.
  • Should you make a prop parlay? If you look at a typical parlay, the benefit is to combine low-paying odds into something better. You can combine prop bets like you would with a traditional parlay. However, you will need each of your predictions to come true for you to take home any winnings. If you placed three separate proposition wagers, at least you would have three chances to win money as opposed to one.

Why Choose Proposition Bets

Prop bets are usually a good way to have fun while sports betting. That’s not to say other bets are boring. But the props offer a lot of excitement and you don’t need to predict who will win. Below are a couple of tips to help you choose a prop at the right time.

  • Who will win? If you are new to sports betting, the aim is to predict who will win the contest. However, sometimes a matchup is too close to call on paper, which is where proposition bets come into play. Say you don’t know who will win between the 76ers and the Heat, but you think James Harden will run riot. You could put several wagers just surrounding Philadelphia’s star man. Such as the total number of points, assists, or rebounds in one game.
  • What’s a good prop? A good proposition bet comprises two parts. Part one is the selection and part two is the odds. The selection is the most important part, as they usually give you a variety of bets to choose from. The more complex the prop bet is, the higher the rewards. If the wager only returns a couple of bucks more than your stake, then is it worth placing?

Where to place Prop Bets

Prop bets are one of the most popular choices at the best online sportsbooks. That’s because the best sportsbooks offer players a variety of exciting props to choose from. Any of the sports betting platforms listed below will provide a fantastic range of proposition bets to enjoy.

Prop Bets DraftKings

DraftKings is an excellent service for players looking to enjoy fantasy sports and online casino games. However, it also offers an exceptional online sportsbook. Players get regular access to exciting promotions throughout the year and a variety of markets to bet on. That means you can place proposition bets on basketball, soccer, and baseball events taking place all over the world.

FanDuel Prop Bets

FanDuel also offers a top-notch daily fantasy sports service plus some casino games, but it’s the sportsbook that stood out in our FanDuel review. It is a far easier service for new players to use and it has one of the best mobile apps out of every sports betting platform. It often has fewer sports to choose from than DraftKings, but there are usually more motorsports on offer. This varies depending on which state you play in. However, no matter where you are in America, FanDuel has brilliant prop bets for all players to enjoy.

Proposition Bets Betway

Betway is one of the sportsbooks in America. With its brilliant selection and a fantastic array of stats about each team, Betway is up there with the very best. What makes Betway so special is how often they boost proposition bets. If you look in the Betway Boosts section, you will find a humongous range of proposition bets. These wagers range across multiple sports, such as football, tennis, and Esports, giving you a variety to choose from. The only downside is the service is not as widely available as the other sportsbooks listed above.  

PointsBet Prop Bets

Although PointsBet is famous for PointsBetting, it is another sportsbook where you can find some truly fantastic props. Take basketball, for example. You can place prop bets on the highest-scoring quarter, the leading team after each quarter, and even the winning margin for each team. They also have bets on whether the game will finish with an odd or even number of points and whether there will be overtime. They have a brilliant collection of bets to consider.

Final Words on Proposition Bets

Prop bets remain a popular choice for many reasons. One being they usually have better returns than outright predictions for the winner. They also rarely rely on the final score. Meaning you could win your bet long before the match is over. The third and final reason is that they are a lot of fun. Prop bets usually rely on individual performances, allowing you to enjoy the game even if your team loses.

Proposition bets are notoriously hard to judge. However, the odds are usually high paying for a straight bet. If you find that prop bets are not working out for you, then there are a couple of things to consider. Are you betting on sporting events you are familiar with? Are you doing enough research before placing a bet? Have you considered taking a break and setting deposit limits on your account? Although it is frustrating losing, there is nothing worse than chasing losses into oblivion. Remember, when the fun stops, stop betting!