Teaser Betting

Teaser bets are an exciting wager you can place on an online sportsbook. However, what exactly is a teaser bet, and how do you make one? Here at Bet Station, we have all the answers you need for teaser betting. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about teasers, and we include plenty of examples.

The best way to describe a teaser bet is a mixture of three other sports bets. A teaser combines elements from a parlay with the over-under bet and the point spread. Understanding all three wagers is crucial in grasping the concept of a teaser. We recommend you read about the others before reading any more about teaser bets. Assuming you are familiar with betting, a teaser is a type of parlay. You choose what games you wager on, but the teaser must contain totals or spread bets.

Before you dive right in, there are a few more restrictions to be aware of. For starters, not all online sportsbooks have support for teaser bets. Some sportsbooks make placing teaser bets easier than others. Plus, you can only make teasers on specified sports. At DraftKings and FanDuel, you can make teaser bets on the NFL and NBA. You can't make a teaser with MLB games and can't mix football and basketball games. While this may sound confusing, you will be a teaser pro once you read this guide.

What is a Teaser Bet?

A teaser is a unique type of parlay where you have to combine two or more spreads or over-under bets. The teaser allows you to adjust the spreads to increase or decrease your potential returns. You can choose the size by selecting the number of points. Some sportsbooks allow you to add or remove as many as 14 points. Other sportsbooks, like DraftKings, only let you choose between a 6-point teaser, a 6.5-point teaser, and a 7-point teaser; if you select two legs.

When you add points to your teaser, you increase the size of the spread. Let’s say you choose six points. You would add six points to all the bets in your teaser. If you selected a total score of over 44.5 and a point spread of +4.5, your new bets would be over 38.5 and +10.5. You would be far more likely to get these bets right, as they both have significantly wider margins. You would need your team to win or not lose by 11 points, and for there to be 39 or more points scored in the game.

The teaser bet allows you to define your point spreads. You can widen the margin, which will reduce your odds. Or, you can decrease the size of the spread, significantly increasing your payout.

How Does a Teaser Bet Work?

A teaser bet is similar to other wagers you can place at online sports betting sites. The difference is in the level of customization you have. If you look at a traditional spread bet, you rarely get much of a say regarding the size of the spread. Some sites offer alternate lines, but they won’t return as much as a teaser.

The teaser is your opportunity to group several wagers, adjust the size of the spreads, and enjoy higher rewards. All the customization happens inside the bet slip. This is where you can control which legs you want to include in the teaser and adjust your stake or the size of the spread. Some sites give you options regarding the size.

As you make adjustments, they will display how that affects your returns in real time. You can change the spread or stake to find the most optimal returns for your bet. Ensure you select eligible wagers if the teaser option doesn't appear. Remember, most sportsbooks restrict teasers to the NFL and NBA.

How to Win a Teaser Bet

Winning a teaser bet is not too difficult. The hard part is winning a teaser bet which has good returns. You can adjust the spread for a teaser, allowing you to choose bets that are likely to happen. You can then adapt your stake to create the perfect wager.

The biggest challenge with teasers is winning when the odds are in your favor while maintaining high returns. You don’t want to bet on sure things, as you will hardly see any profit. Take -550 odds. A $100 teaser bet here will only return $18.20. It seems strange to risk so much money and to come out with so little, even on a safe bet.

Instead, you want to find that happy balance between risk and reward. If you were to bet on sports every week, the gamble you take might be less than if you bet only on major sporting events. If it was a big game, like the Stanley Cup or World Series, you could take more of a risk as it’s such a big game. Remember, you need two or more bets from separate games to qualify for a teaser.

Teaser Betting Examples

Teaser bets are only eligible when you select one of two approved wagers on specific sports. The benefit of making a teaser bet comes from the control you have. You get a choice over the size of the spread and can increase or decrease the odds to suit you. Below are just a couple of examples of teaser bets.

What is a Teaser in NFL Betting?

NFL teaser bets are an exciting way to bet on football games throughout the season. Select two or more over-under bets or spreads from at least two NFL games. You can’t select one spread bet and one total from the same NFL game. They must be for two unique events.

Once you have made your selections, you can adjust the size of your teaser. Let’s say you chose the Bills -2.5 spread, the Steelers +6.5 spread, and there to be over 46.5 points in the Eagles versus Lions game. Choosing a +6 point spread, the new bets are +3.5 to the Bills, +12.5 to the Steelers, and over 40.5 points scored. Before becoming a teaser, these bets had odds of -110 each. When combined into a three-leg teaser bet, they now return +140. The only major downside is that you need all three to win to come away with any money.

In the example above, each team increased the margin to win or not lose. Plus, the over-under bet became more likely as instead of scoring 47 or more points to win the bet, the team only needs 41 or more.

What is an NBA Betting Teaser?

NBA teaser betting involves selecting an over-under or spread bet from two or more NBA games. Once you have met the criteria, you get a similar level of customization for the teaser. At FanDuel, you can reduce the spread by as much as five points or increase it to 14.

When you increase the spread by 14 points, the bet becomes even more likely to succeed. If you had a +5.5 spread bet for the 76ers against the Celtics and a +6 for the Lakers against the Warriors, they would now be +19.5 and +20. The odds for this bet would be very low paying, around -700. That means betting $100 would only net $14.30 in profit. Conversely, taking five points off the spread would leave you with +0.5 and +1, resulting in odds worth +550. This may sound confusing, but they make it crystal clear in the bet slip.

Teaser Bet Odds

Teaser bets offer more control than most wagers. If you try to build a parlay, you get better odds the more legs you put in the bet slip. These odds can rise exceptionally or trickle up depending on the bets you add. The teaser works a little differently, as you can adjust the size of the point spreads.

If you look at spread bets, they usually pay less in profit than your stake. When you put these wagers into a teaser, you can change the size of the spread. This means you can it less likely to win, increasing the returns. Conversely, you can add more legs to the teaser. This will increase your returns, allowing you to fine-tune the spread or amount you stake.

In Betting, What is a 6-Point Teaser Football?

If the sportsbook you join supports teaser bets, you can place a 6-point teaser on the NFL. But what does that mean? To make a valid teaser, you need to choose two specific wagers. The over-under or a point spread are the only bets eligible for a teaser.

Both wagers require one or both teams to score several points during the game. The size of the teaser affects how many points the team will need. Say you chose a total bet in the NFL of 44.5, meaning you need both teams combined score to equal 45 or more. If you made this bet as part of a six-point teaser, the score to win the bet will drop by six points. Instead of needing to beat 44.5, the new total the teams must beat is 38.5. The teaser wins if the game's total points scored exceed 38.

Best Sportsbooks for Sports Teaser bets

Every sportsbook is different when placing teaser bets. If you would like to know the best sportsbooks for teaser bets, then check out the ones we list below. Don’t forget to check if the sports betting sites listed are available in your state before you sign up. If you check out our betting site guides, we have complete lists of the sports betting sites available to states like Michigan and Iowa.

How to Place a Teaser Bet on FanDuel

FanDuel is one of the easiest for placing teasers. That’s because all you need to do is put eligible bets in your bet slip, and FanDuel does all the hard work for you. Click the teasers option at the bottom of the bet slip. It should appear above the round-robin option once you put in two or more eligible wagers. You must click this section to place a teaser bet. Otherwise, it will be a traditional parlay.

Once you add the bets, you can adjust your teaser. You can increase or decrease the size of your spread while previewing the odds. If you put in your stake now, it will calculate your potential rewards while you browse. They give you a vast choice when choosing the size of your teaser.

How to Bet a Teaser on DraftKings

The DraftKings Sportsbook is equally accessible for teaser bets. Once again, select two or more eligible teaser bets for the wager to appear in the bet slip. Remember to change off a parlay in the bet slip to access the teaser betting menu.

Inside the teaser betting menu is where DraftKings excels. If you click the blue information symbol towards the bottom of the bet slip, it will open up a helpful table for both NFL and NBA teasers. If you pick two legs for your bet, you can only choose between six and seven-point teasers. Picking a third and fourth game will give you more options to increase the size of the spread.

The table also shows you the odds for each number of legs plus a tiebreaker in case of a push. When your teaser has three or more legs, they will remove ties and reevaluate the odds. A push in a two-leg teaser will cause a full refund, but a push in a Super or Monster teaser is a loss.

How to Make a Teaser Bet on BetMGM

At the time of writing, you cannot make teaser bets using the BetMGM Sportsbook. There are workarounds for this type of issue, but it’s a little more effort. You can go into each game you want to bet on and look for alternate spreads.

You can choose from a range of point spreads or total bets. Then, when you are happy, link them all as one parlay. It requires more time browsing and adjusting, but you will have greater control over each wager. You could have one spread increased by four points and one decreased by two. Players doing this can have a parlay with multiple spreads of different sizes.

What is a Teaser in Sports Betting?

A teaser bet is your chance to create a unique parlay with total or spread bets. The beauty of this bet is that you can adjust the size of the spread to increase or decrease your potential returns. Not every sportsbook allows you to make this type of wager, and teasers are often only available for the NFL and NBA. If you frequently look for point spreads or the over-under bet, teasers are a great way to increase your winnings.