Best Tennessee Sports Betting Sites

Are you on the hunt for the best Tennessee sports betting sites? Here at Bet Station, we have gone through each state in the U.S. to find you the very best online sportsbooks. This guide will focus just on Tennessee, allowing you to choose the sportsbook that is best suited to you. If you are a frequent traveler across state lines, check out our other sports betting suites guides.

The very best online sports betting sites share a lot of similarities. They all have a welcome bonus to help you get started, and they have a range of sports to browse and bet on. Some sportsbooks focus on the American classics, like the NBA, NFL, and MLB, others are more global, giving you the chance to bet on sporting events from across the globe. Some online sportsbooks are associated with casino games, allowing you to bet on sports and spin some slots on the same mobile app.

Even though this may sound confusing, sports betting as a whole is straightforward. This guide to the best Tennessee sports betting sites will tell you everything you need to know. Including which sportsbooks have the best welcome deals, where you can bet in person, and how to place your first bet. If you want more details about each sportsbook, then check out our review page. With no further delay, let’s get into the best TN sports betting sites.

Best Online Sportsbooks Tennessee

The best Tennessee sports betting sites all have to abide by the rules set out by the Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council. That means all players must be over the legal minimum age of 21 and within state lines. Each state will have its own rules, meaning you won’t find the same sportsbooks in different regions. Below is a list of TN sportsbooks you can join right now with the best welcome offers and promos.

Click to Claim
$1,500 Total Bonus Offer
  • First Bet Insurance up to $1500
  • Refer a Friend for a Free Bet worth $100
  • UFC Parlay Insurance
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$1,000 Total Bonus Offer
  • Risk-Free Bet up to $1000
  • MLB One Game Parlay Insurance up to $25
  • Refer a Friend for $50
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

$1,000 Total Bonus Offer
  • Deposit Match up to $1000
  • Refer a Friend for $100 Free Bet
  • Daily Free-to-Play Pools
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

$1,000 Total Bonus Offer
  • First Bet Risk-Free up to $1000
  • Refer a Friend for $50 Free Bet
  • $5000 PGA Cash Giveaway
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

$1,000 Total Bonus Offer
  • $1000 New Player Bonus
  • $10 Free Bet Welcome Bonus
  • $5 Free Bet Customization Bonus
  • To Claim: Click Play Now

Tennessee has a fantastic variety of online sportsbooks to join. Some have exciting rewards systems where players can earn points from every single bet they place. Other sportsbooks have a wide range of promotions you can enjoy throughout the week. All the sportsbooks listed below have a superb reputation. Sites like Caesars, FanDuel, and DraftKings are popular across America. Whereas, the lesser-known brands in Tennessee are just as excellent, such as Fubo. To help you choose the best Tennessee sports betting site for you, we have included a brief description of each sportsbook.

DraftKings Sportsbook Tennessee

One of the most popular sports betting sites in Tennessee is DraftKings. This is partly because of its overwhelming success in running various daily fantasy sports (DFS) services. If you would like to know more about the DFS, then check out our DraftKings review. The DraftKings Sportsbook is just as popular thanks to its variety of useful features. It is easy to use and straightforward to adjust various wagers in the bet slip. Plus, they have a section where you can collect sports-related NFTs that are minted in select quantities. DraftKings is one of the best Tennessee sports betting sites for many reasons and is popular for new and experienced players equally.

Barstool Sportsbook Tennessee

Another popular online sportsbook is Barstool. The Barstool Sportsbook is another which originally gained a superb reputation as a service outside sports betting. The sportsbook has a fantastic range to choose from, plus they regularly give something back to the players. This can include a variety of promos, such as free bets, bet boosts, and bet insurance. Barstool is suited to new and experienced players thanks to its intrinsic design and fantastic collection of wagers to choose from.

A screenshot of one of the best Tennessee sports betting sites, BetMGM

BetMGM Sportsbook TN

If you are looking for an online sportsbook associated with a popular casino chain, then BetMGM is certainly one to consider. Not only does it have a fantastic range of sports to browse, but it also has an exclusive rewards system. You can use the MGM rewards for free meals, trips to casinos, or redeem them at any of the resorts spread across America. The sportsbook has a brilliant reputation for promos. It regularly gives players options while betting, such as free bets and bet insurance. Across the NBA and NHL finals, they had a money-back as a free bet offer if your team lost in overtime.

Caesars Sportsbook Tennesse

Another sportsbook linked with a popular casino chain is Caesars Sportsbook. As you can tell from the name, the sportsbook is from the same company responsible for Caesars Palace, one of the highlights of the famous Las Vegas strip. Just like BetMGM, Caesars has its own rewards system for you to enjoy. This is where you can bet or play casino games and earn points towards fabulous activities or free stays in Vegas. The sportsbook is another generous one, as it also gives you plenty of promos to enjoy throughout the week.

FanDuel Sportsbook TN

One of the best Tennessee sports betting sites is FanDuel. For those of you who don’t know, FanDuel began as a rival to DraftKings in the daily fantasy sports field. Since Tennessee legalized sports betting in 2019, they have both been competing on a new front, sports betting. The FanDuel Sportsbook is up there with the best because of its fantastic promos and a wide range of sports to bet on. Just like the sportsbooks mentioned above, it is very well-equipped for all your sports betting needs.

Tennessee WynnBET

WynnBET is another that has ties to famous casinos in Las Vegas. There are two relatively new casinos in Las Vegas owned and operated by Wynn Resorts, plus one in Massachusetts and three in China. The sportsbook has established itself for giving players exciting promos. This includes multiple ways to get free bets, bonuses on mid-week parlays, plus various odds boosts throughout the week. The sportsbook has all the most popular sports for you to bet on, including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and many more.

  • Bally Bet
  • Fubo Gaming
  • SuperBook
  • Action 247 Sportsbook
  • Wagr
  • Betly – Coming soon

Best TN Sports Betting Apps

If you are looking to start sports betting, one of the easiest ways to get involved is to download a mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. The best Tennessee sports betting sites all have mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is read through our list below and choose the app that best suits you.

The logo for the DraftKings sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook Tennessee

DraftKings is one of the best mobile sports betting apps. Thanks to its intrinsic design, finding the sports you want to bet on has never been so straightforward. The mobile app has several features which help make your day-to-day betting enjoyable. This includes handy tools inside the bet slip, allowing you to adjust multiple stakes at the touch of a button. The DraftKings Sportsbook also has a section for NFTs, something you will not find anywhere else!

The logo for the FanDuel Sportsbook mobile app

FanDuel Sportsbook

If you are looking for an excellent sports betting service, you will struggle to find better than FanDuel. The FanDuel Sportsbook is incredibly well optimized for mobile devices, giving you more time to find the bets you want. It is easy to make deposits, cash out, and utilize the various promotions.

Caesars Sportsbook

One of the best Tennessee sports betting sites Caesars Sportsbook app logo

If you are not interested in daily fantasy sports, are there other sportsbooks to consider? Caesars Sportsbook is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get more from their sports bets. Each time you bet at Caesars, you earn rewards points whether you win or lose. You can redeem these points for incredible rewards, such as overnight hotel stays, meals, and even luxurious experiences and trips. If you manage to visit a Caesars Resort, you can use your account to earn rewards even while playing casino games.

WynnBET Sportsbook TN

The WynnBET app logo for mobile devices

All of the sports betting apps listed above have one app you download which will function in certain states. WynnBET is a little more old-fashioned, as you need to download the correct version of the app for the state you are in. The only downside to this system is you will need multiple apps if you travel across state lines. If you are happy in Tennessee, which why wouldn’t you be, then WynnBET is still a fantastic sportsbook. It has a good selection of sports plus it frequently gives bonuses.

BetMGM Sportsbook

The BetMGM Sportsbook logo for iOS and Android devices

The BetMGM Sportsbook is another service widely available across the United States. You can enjoy BetMGM in AZ, CO, IL, IN, IO, LA, MI, NJ, NY PA, TN, VA, DC, WV, and WY. The sportsbook has daily boosts, in-game live betting, and a huge catalog of sports to bet on. Just like Caesars, BetMGM has a brilliant rewards system where you can earn points towards some fantastic prizes. They have a wide range of payment methods and quick withdrawals.

How to Start Sports Betting in Tennessee

If you are new to the sports betting scene, where do you begin? Sports betting in Tennessee has never been easier thanks to recent rule changes. That’s down to several features, none more important than the variety of competition. Normally, big sportsbooks reign supreme across the states. Names like DraftKings and FanDuel are hard to beat and difficult to compete with. However, in Tennessee there is a great variety of both big names and small, giving you a fantastic selection to choose from.

What if you don’t know where to begin? Step one of almost any big decision is to try it first. That does not mean you should race to a sportsbook and place a bet. Instead, we recommend browsing each of the sportsbooks listed above to see how they operate. You might find the idea of a rewards system quite useful in the long run, or perhaps you want to avoid that entirely. Either way, check out the sites before you sign up.

Once you’ve looked around, how do you know which one to pick? If you have no burning desire to pick one from the list, then you have nothing to fear. That simply means any of the best Tennessee sports betting sites will be perfect for you. We recommend checking out the welcome bonuses of a few and just picking the one that suits your needs the best. If you would like to find out more about one particular sportsbook, like DraftKings or FanDuel, then check out our review.

What are the Best Sports Bet in Tennessee?

If you are looking for the best sports bet in Tennessee, there are some wagers which are more likely to happen than others, but there will never be a consensus across all sports. Sometimes, two high-scoring teams face each other and it’s a complete goal fest. Other times, the same two teams will meet and the game will end with very few points scored. If sport was predictable, it would not be worthwhile betting. However, that does not mean we can’t help you find a good bet. Below are a couple of tips that could help you save some money!

  • Look around: If you sign up for a betting site, it is very common for wagers to appear boosted all over the place. Sometimes there are good bets, but most of the time they don’t come true. Be sure to shop around before you pull the trigger on a wager.
  • Bet small: There will be lots of times where, if you bet $500, you could come away with something crazy, like 50k. Sure, that $500 won’t change your life, and 50,000 is certainly appealing, but think about it. If you are making big bets like this, you either have a lot of income, or you have a problem. Bet what you can afford to lose and don’t go all-in on a single wager. This is not the movies, those bets rarely come true.
  • Set limits: All the best Tennessee sports betting sites have tools for you to control how much you are spending. Deposit limits and time-outs are just a couple of the tools you should make use of whenever you play on an online sportsbook.

What Sports Bets are Legal TN

If you are looking to place a sports bet in Tennessee, what can you expect? Every sportsbook listed above has a fantastic collection of wagers across a multitude of sports. This includes American favorites, such as the NFL, MLB, and NHL, plus other events taking place on the global stage, like soccer and tennis. Below are a few examples of the various bets you can place on any sportsbook.

Moneyline Bets

The most straightforward of all sports bets is the moneyline. This is where you pick who will win a sporting event. Let’s say you were betting on the NHL Stanley Cup, and you thought game four would go to the Avalanche. All you need is the team to win and your moneyline bet will pay out. The scoreline for this type of wager does not matter.

Point Spread Bets

This wager relies on the scoreline as it applies a handicap to the game. If there is a clear favorite, that team will need to win the day by a certain number of points. Sticking with the NHL Final between the Lighting and Avalanche, the sportsbook could have offered a spread of two points. In this situation, the Lightning would need to win by two or more points to win the bet. If you bet on the Avalanche, they would need to win by any amount or not lose by more than one.

A screenshot of the WynnBET sportsbook with a full bet slip

Over-Under Wagers

The over under bet is another popular choice, as it’s just like guessing higher or lower. A sportsbook will often pick a combined total for a sporting event, and you have to guess whether the score of the game will be higher or lower. In the NBA, they typically go for 220.5 points. You have to decide if both teams will have a combined point total worth over 221. You can’t score half a point in basketball, so the decimal place is to stop ties.

Proposition Bets

Prop bets offer you the chance to bet on an event that does not rely on the final scoreline. This could include a range of factors depending on the sport. For hockey, you could have a player score a certain number of points in a game or even the number of penalty minutes. In baseball, you could have certain players hit a home run or a number of strikeouts. In football, you could have yards gained or interceptions across the entire match. Each sport will have a variety of different bets to consider, making the prop bet one of the most exciting.

How do you know when to Bet?

One of the hardest questions to answer in the world of sports betting is knowing when. That applies to betting and equally when to not place the bet. If you are new to online sports betting, there is no easy way to navigate this hurdle. Instead, it requires trial and error. Some bets will come good, others will end in failure, and that’s ok! One of the hardest monsters to confront is when to accept you got it wrong, and move on.

We aren’t life coaches, but we have a fair share of experience with losing wagers. What has helped us the most over the years is to reduce your stake. There will be times in sports betting when even a ‘sure thing’ falls flat on its face. If you were sensible with how much you stake, then it should not hurt you too badly. But if you bet colossal sums, you are more likely to lose big. When you are starting out, stick to small wagers. Yes, you might win less, but you will certainly lose less!

In sports betting, greed is your enemy. It convinces you to put a bet on a sport you don’t watch or risk more than you can afford to lose. If you want to succeed at sports betting, you must resist the temptation. Sure, we all want to make money and spending is one of the few ways to do it, but it’s a slippery slope. If you budget your wagers, stick to it, and just bet on what you know, you are far more likely to taste success.

Best Tennessee Sportsbook Promos

Any of the best Tennessee sports betting sites have a fantastic range of promos for you to enjoy. They all have a unique welcome bonus to help new players get started, plus they also have a variety of promos as well. These promos include free bets, insurance on your next bet, and even boosted odds for better returns. Below are just a few examples of the various promos you can expect to see at any of the best Tennessee sports betting sites.

Odds Boost

If you browse several sportsbooks, you might notice a common trend between them all, bet boosts. There are two main types of boosts, ones where they boost the odds for you, or where you can apply a boost to your next bet. You can typically find boosted bets on the homepage. This is where the sportsbook will advertise a wager that has better odds now than previously. Some sportsbooks can give you boosted odds if you collect enough rewards points, others will just run promos throughout the week.

Free Bet

Perhaps everyone’s favorite sportsbook promo is the free bet. This is where the sportsbook will allow you to place a bet on something for free. The free bet will have a designated value that you can’t increase or split to form multiple bets. If your free bet wins, then you win the profit; not including the value of the free bet. This wager is your best chance to get something for nothing at a sports betting site.

A screenshot of Caesars Sportsbook showing the various promotions available in Tennessee


If a team or company links up with a sports betting site, they could run a special type of promotion. This is where players can enter a giveaway or competition to see if they get to win an exclusive prize. The prize will vary per competition, but we have seen tickets to home games, free trips to Vegas, and even luxurious stays in resorts across the world.

Risk-free Bet

It is not uncommon for sportsbooks to offer players a risk-free bet when they first sign up. This is where you can place a wager, and they cover a certain amount if your bet loses. If your bet wins, then nothing extra happens other than you get to enjoy your winnings. If the bet loses, then they will often give you several free bets up to a certain amount. Some sports betting sites offer risk-free bets up to $1,500, others closer to $25.

Rewards Schemes

A lot of the sportsbooks we recommended above have a rewards system for loyal players. This is where no matter how successful you are at betting, you will earn points towards freebies. These free prizes can include small things, like free bets, bet boosts, or various other promos. We can also use them for much bigger prizes, like hotel stays and luxury trips. What you use your points on is up to you, but it’s best to check the prizes before you sign up.

Best Sports Teams TN

If you live in Tennessee, then you have a fantastic range of teams to support across multiple leagues. They have four professional sports franchises, including teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLS. However, they are not the only sports teams in the state. The state has 12 NCAA I programs, including four at the top level of college football. Tennessee also has four minor league baseball teams, four minor league soccer teams, and one minor league hockey team, the Knoxville Ice Bears. Below is a list of professional franchises, as they are most likely to pick up a sponsorship deal.

TeamLeagueYear FoundedChampionships
Tennessee TitansNFL19590 Super Bowls
2 AFL Championships
Nashville PredatorsNHL19980 Stanley Cups
Memphis GrizzliesNBA19950 Championships
Nashville SCMLS20170 Championships

Why does it matter if a team is professional or not? If you are looking to support a team for the fun of it, then pick any team you want! If we are talking from a betting point of view, the top teams are more likely to pick up sponsorship deals. These deals are often beneficial for us as they lead to exclusive promos. When sports teams partner with a sportsbook, they are more likely to run special events and giveaways. This can include signed shirts, free tickets, and bet insurance if the team loses.

Tennessee Titans Sportsbook Cash Bonus

If you are a football fan, then you might look for an exclusive Tennessee Titans promo. While we can’t guarantee that every sportsbook will have a direct bonus for the Titans, there is a good possibility of finding some throughout next season. During the off-season, the main wagers you can place are futures. These are long-term predictions surrounding where the Titans will finish and if they reach the playoffs. Bets like these are normally rewarding, so they need no bonus.

If it was during the season, what type of Tennessee Titans Sportsbook cash bonuses could you get? One of the most common promos for the Titans involved odds boosts. This is where they would boost the odds for specific bets, such as a same game parlay. They could also give you free bets, depending on various outcomes. It’s hard to predict if there will be any bonuses or exactly what they will be, but we will try to keep this guide up to date with the freshest deals.

When did Tennessee Legalize Sports Betting?

For those of you who don’t know, sports betting was a recent rule change in the state of Tennessee. They officially legalized sports betting in TN back in May 2019. This is when companies like DraftKings could apply for a license to operate within state lines. The Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council oversees licensing and guidelines for companies to follow. If you would like more information, check out the official site.

Why did a lot of states legalize sports betting around this time? Since 1992, sports betting was almost completely forbidden across the United States. Only a handful of sports escaped this ban and only a couple of areas, such as Nevada. In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled the 1992 PASPA was unconstitutional and decided each state should rule on it. That allowed the states like Iowa, Indiana, and various others to finally break through and offer local sports betting facilities.

Since each state has its own rules and regulations surrounding sports betting, it’s recommended you only try to bet on the approved vendors mentioned above. Using services that operate outside of Tennessee could lead your assets to be frozen or confiscated. If placing a sports bet is that important to you, perhaps you should take a break or contact Tennessee REDLINE 800-889-9789.

Where to Watch Live Sports TN

In case you did not know, one of the most common ways to make a sports bet is usually inside a casino. Most casinos have a dedicated sportsbook just for you to watch and bet on various games. If you check out any of our other betting sites guides, such as Arizona or Colorado, you will see a list of casinos you can visit with a built-in sportsbook. However, since there are no casinos officially within Tennessee, you must go through other means.

Since there are no casinos in Tennessee, where can you go? Well, there are still many sportsbooks you can visit and place bets in person with cash, but that is not your only option. If you are not opposed to a drive, there are a plethora of casinos just outside state lines. Tennessee shares a border with multiple states, including Mississippi, Arkansas, and Virginia. These states have casinos situated right on their borders, and they probably have a sportsbook or two inside as well.

Below is a list of casinos, plus a helpful tool to show you some of the physical sportsbooks you can visit in the state of Tennessee. We would love to list them all, but it’s unlikely that anyone will sit here and read them.

Casinos with sportsbooks

There are many reasons it’s beneficial to visit a sportsbook located inside a casino. Perhaps none more so than the possibility of having a great time! Most casinos have a superb selection of slots and table games to enjoy after you have finished your sports betting. Plus, the wide range of restaurants, bars, and live shows are sure to put a smile back on your face even if your bets don’t come true. Below are just a few casinos with sportsbooks near the Tennessee border.

The logo for the Southland Casino Racing, one of the best casinos just outside of TN

Southland Casino Racing

Located west of Memphis is the Southland Casino. This casino has a racetrack and is less than ten miles from the Mississippi River. Southland Casino is one of the biggest around, with an outstanding selection of games. It has over 2,400 slots, 50 table games, and an incredible variety of bars and restaurants. The sportsbook is provided by Betly, a service that has begun the transition over to Tennessee. Betly has a valid license from the Tennessee Sports Wagering Advisory Council and will launch operations imminently. The Betly Sportsbook in this casino has a bar, so you can get a beer and burger while you watch the game.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Sun-Thu: 11 AM – 10 PM, Fri-Sat: 11 AM – 12 AM
  • Location: 1550 Ingram Blvd, West Memphis, AR 72301, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, slots, table games, racetrack, bars, restaurants
  • Mobile App: Betly Sportsbook
The logo for the Hollywood Casino Tunica. The Tunica is part of a chain of popular casinos across the USA

Hollywood Casino Tunica

The Hollywood Casino Tunica is a little further from the border than Southland. For one, Tunica is located in Mississippi, overlooking the Mississippi River. It is right on the border between Mississippi and Arkansas, around 25 miles from Tennessee. The casino has slots, video poker, and various table games to enjoy. They have several restaurants, a swimming pool, and various live shows lined up. The sportsbook has everything you would expect and is the perfect place to watch the game.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: 24/7
  • Location: 1150 Casino Strip Resort Blvd, Tunica Resorts, MS 38664, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, table games, slots, restaurants, pool
  • Mobile App: N/A
A logo for Sam's Town Tunica. It has one of the best Tennessee sports betting sites inside the building, FanDuel

Sam’s Town Tunica

Sam’s Town Tunica is another on the Mississippi River, on the border with Arkansas. The casino has a fantastic collection of slots, and a handy tool on the website to help you find the exact game you want. Plus, they have a brilliant variety of table games which you can enjoy throughout the week, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The casino has a pool, a gym, and access to a beautiful golf course. Plus, FanDuel provides the sportsbook at this casino.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Thu: 2 PM – 10 PM, Fri-Sun: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Location: 1477 Casino Strip Resort Blvd, Tunica Resorts, MS 38664, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, slots, golf, table games, live shows, restaurants, pool, gym
  • Mobile App: FanDuel
The logo for the 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica

1st Jackpot Casino Tunica

The 1st Jackpot Casino Tunica is sat right on the border between Mississippi and Arkansas. The casino has 15 electronic table games, 12 live ones, and 700 slots for you to enjoy. It also has an event calendar full of live shows for anyone looking to be entertained. If you are just here for sports betting, the sportsbook is full of large screens and places to sit.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Thu: Closed, Fri-Sun: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Location: 1450 Jackpot Blvd, Tunica Resorts, MS 38664, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, slots, table games, live shows, restaurants
  • Mobile App: N/A
The Irish themed Fitz Casino & Hotel logo

Fitz Tunica Casino & Hotel

The Fitz Tunica Casino is another in Mississippi facing the famous river. Just like the others on our list, it has a wide range of casino games to enjoy. This includes slots and various table games, such as blackjack, craps, and three card poker. The Fitz has a sportsbook where you can watch the game in style. They have 28 screens and a variety of comfy seats for game night.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: 24/7
  • Location: 711 Lucky Ln, Tunica Resorts, MS 38664, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, table games, slots, pool, gym, bus tours, restaurants
  • Mobile App: N/A
The quirky Gold Strike Casino Resort logo, part of the MGM Resorts group

Gold Strike Casino Resort

The Gold Strike Casino is a part of the MGM Resorts empire, famous for filling up the Las Vegas Strip. They own several popular casinos, including The Mirage, Bellagio, and New York-New York. This casino is just as well-equipped as its Vegas counterparts, with over 1,200 slots and a wonderful selection of table games. They have multiple versions of craps and baccarat, plus they have blackjack, poker, and roulette.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Fri: 10 AM – 10 PM, Sat-Sun: 9 AM – 10 PM
  • Location: Gold Strike Resort & Casino, 1010 Casino Center Dr, Tunica Resorts, MS 38664, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, slots, table games, live shows, TopGolf Swing Suite, restaurants, spa, golf, pool
  • Mobile App: BetMGM Sportsbook
Another casino chain across America is the Horseshoe Tunica. It has a sportsbook provided by Caesars.

Horseshoe Tunica

Next door to the Gold Strike Casino Resort and just a stone’s throw from the 1st Jackpot Casino is the Horseshoe Tunica. This casino also has a famous connection to Las Vegas, as it is owned by Caesars. Unlike the other casinos on our list, the Horseshoe Tunica has a dedicated poker room. This is where you can take on other players in high-stake tournaments. Besides poker, the casino has just fewer than 1,000 slots and an excellent selection of table games. The sportsbook is exquisite, which is no surprise as it’s from Caesars.

  • Sportsbook Open Hours: Mon-Thu: 12 OM – 10 PM, Fri: 10 AM – 12 AM, Sat: 9 AM – 12 AM, Sun: 9 AM – 10 PM
  • Location: 1021 Casino Center Dr, Tunica Resorts, MS 38664, United States
  • Services: Sportsbook, poker, slots, table games, live shows, restaurants, pool, spa
  • Mobile App: Caesars Sportsbook

Sportsbooks in Tennessee

As mentioned above, there are many sportsbooks you can visit inside the state of Tennessee without the need to drive too far. Action247 has a brilliant section on their website which allows you to locate the sportsbooks closest to you. They have over 100 branches across Tennessee alone, so there must be one near you! Be sure to check out Action247 Sportsbook locations for more information.

How to Register for Tennessee Sports Betting

Sports betting in Tennessee is straightforward and often quite rewarding to sign up for. If you check out any of the sportsbook welcome bonuses we outlined above, you will see it’s easy to enjoy a promo as soon as you sign up. Once you have decided which online sports betting service to join, the next step is to sign up. Signing up involves the usual rigmarole you would expect from joining any online service. You need a valid email address, a place of residence, and a valid bank account. After that, the word is your oyster.

Before you join, make sure you enter a promo code or click one of our affiliate links. Signing up without a promo code or link may leave you without a welcome offer or bonus to enjoy. If you live near one of the physical sportsbooks we listed above, it might save you time to join that service. It can also lead to rewards down the line if the sportsbook has a rewards system. You could earn reward points towards free bets, hotel trips, and various other goodies. Just remember. Wherever you choose to play, please gamble responsibly. Sports betting is a lot of fun if done right, so do not get carried away with your spending. Make use of the tools provided to limit your deposits and screen time.

What are the Best Tennessee Sports Betting Sites?

Now that you have read our guide on the best Tennessee sports betting sites, can you pick the best one? The competition in Tennessee is a lot less when compared to other states. Regions like New Jersey have over 20 different online sports betting services to enjoy, compared to the 12 available in TN. The smaller number of options is not always bad. It should help you in this situation as it will be easier to choose one. Each online TN sportsbook will have a different welcome bonus and number of promos; make sure you look around before you sign up.

If you can’t decide between some of the big sports betting sites, such as FanDuel and DraftKings, then you should check out our reviews. Our DraftKings review will tell you everything you need to know about the sports betting service. Reading that and the FanDuel review should give you a good idea of what the very best sports betting services offer compared to the smaller names. Whichever sportsbook you choose, please remember to gamble responsibly.

Enjoy a DraftKings Bonus
$1,000 Sign Up Bonus
  • Free to Play Daily Prize Pools
  • First Deposit Matched up to $1000
  • Refer a Friend for a $100 Free Bet
  • Click Play Now to activate your bonus